Thursday, September 3, 2009

Entrecards for Free Traffic

Entrecard free traffic for your blog

You have probably all noticed the new widget at the top of my last sidebar called "Entrecard". I have found what may be the best way (so far) to get free traffic to your blog:

For those of us who have a low budget for start-up, free traffic to our blog is a dream. There are other systems out there offering free traffic to your blog, but few of them deliver quality traffic. Even though many will provide free traffic to your blog, the visitors most likely are only there to earn their reward, not to read your content.

So, the question remains: can you get quality, targeted free traffic to your blog?

I believe you can! Let me introduce you to is a place where you create an entrecard and drop it off with other bloggers; each entrecard you drop earns you credits, which you then use to purchase ads on blogs of your choosing. Sound intriguing? Keep reading; I'll explain how will help you get free traffic to your blog.

What is an Entrecard?

Let's start at the beginning - what is an entrecard, and how will it give you free traffic to your blog?

Basically, an entrecard is your business card. All an entrecard is is a 125px by 125 px banner. You can choose one of Entrecard's free designs for your entrecard, or you can design your own (recommended).

You drop your entrecard on another blog that interests you, using the Entrecard widget that other Entrecard members have on their blogs. This earns both you and the other blogger one credit each.

Purchasing Entrecard Ads

Once you've dropped your Entrecard on a few blogs and built up some credits, it's time to purchase some ads. Go to the campaign section on and get ready to get some free traffic for your blog! Look through the blogs, choose one that you think has readers interested in your topic and click advertise. That's it!

Your entrecard (i.e. banner) will run on the blog for a full 24 hours, not on a rotating basis. Voila! Free targeted traffic for your blog!

Fast Free Traffic for Your Blog

There are many things you can do on Entrecard to help get you fast free traffic for your blog. For one, do reciprocal drops. What do I mean by that? When someone drops their entrecard on your blog, drop your entrecard on their blog. This will encourage others to do reciprocal drops with you, and increase your credits, which in turn will allow you to purchase more ads. All of it adds up to more free traffic for you!

Many people offer incentives for their top droppers (the people who dropped their entrecards the most in a month's time). A blog entry with links to the top droppers' websites is very common. This not only helps get free traffic to your blog, but also helps by increasing your links (which raises your pagerank).

I am just getting started with, and so far I have purchased 4 ads. I will let you know how it all works out. I hope this blog entry helps you!

I love comments! Do you use to get free traffic to your blog? How has it worked for you? Let me know what you think of it after you check out the site.

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