Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Angela and Paul's Backlinks

Angela and Paul's Backlinks

If you are looking for quality backlinks, then I do NOT recommend using Angela and Paul's backlinks program. Why? Well, it's obvious that they have done a lot of work on their program. BUT I don't think Angela and Paul's backlinks provide you with good backlinks.

What makes a good backlink?

A good backlink should come from a high PR, "dofollow" website that contains content related to your niche. While Angela and Paul's backlinking program does provide you with "dofollow", high PR websites, most of them have NOTHING to do with your niche. They are just taking advantage of community sites...community sites that people have spent a lot of time and effort working up to their high PR.

Don't get me wrong, community sites are a great way to get backlinks to your blog or website. But they should be community sites that you are going to participate in, and be an active member in. The sites that Angela and Paul's backlinking program provides you with are too wide of a variety; and many of the community sites do not allow you to have links until you have made a certain amount of posts. And most will delete your profile for inactivity, which will delete any backlinks you had.

Problems with Angela and Paul's Backlinks

There are problems with the types of backlinks that Angela and Paul's backlink program provides you. Here's a list:

  • First of all, the sites provided by Angela and Paul's backlinks are too wide and varied to apply to the niche of one blog. One of the sites Angela and Paul's backlinking program provides is a rape crisis center community; how does that help your blog??

  • The type of backlinks that Angela and Paul's backlinking program gives you are considered "spamming".

  • Using Angela and Paul's backlinks is a form of "shady SEO tactics". This means that you're trying to piggy bank off someone else's work, without adding any quality back to their site.

If you're thinking about using Angela and Paul's backlinks, I definitely recommend against it. Yes, you will get backlinks, but they are on sites that aren't going to give any quality to your blog. I recommend getting quality backlinks your own way.


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