Thursday, September 3, 2009

Search Engine Optimization for Blogs

Search Engine Optimization for Blogs

I think we all want traffic for our blogs. One method of getting traffic to your blog is via search engines. But how do you get your blog to shop up in search engine results? By optimizing your blog entries. But how does Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for blogs work?

There are several different ways to implement SEO for your blog. I will go over these, so you can get started with increasing your search engine traffic to your blog.

Choosing Your Keywords

Before performing any SEO tactics on your blog, you need to know what keywords people should use to find your blog. For example, if you're writing a blog entry on how to care for geraniums, then "how to care for geraniums" would be your keyword phrase. Try to limit each blog entry to one topic; this will help raise your blog SEO and get you more traffic from the search engines. Now let's discuss how to get people looking for info on how to care for geraniums to your blog!

SEO Blog Tactic: Image Optimization

The first thing you should do for your blog's SEO is include a picture in your blog entry. There is an attribute inside the tag (the "< img >") called "alt". In this alt attribute, you want to put your keywords. So, using the example I presented in the last section, the image tag will look similar to this: "< img ... alt="how to care for geraniums" ...>"

SEO Blog Tactic: Keyword Usage

The next tactic for improving your blog's SEO is to increase your keyword density. Your keyword density means how often the keywords appear in your text. I would suggest keeping your keyword density between 3% and 5%. This tells the search engines that your topic is relevant to the keywords.

Headers and emphasized text also help with your blog's SEO. Search engines consider stressed words and headers as great indicators of the subject of your blog, so using keywords in headers and putting a couple in bold help with your blog's SEO.

SEO Blog Tactic: Links to Your Blog

The more links on other websites that point to your blog, the better off your page ranking will be. Search engines consider the number of other sites that point to your site as a "vote" of relevancy on the topic at hand. The big question is, how do you get links?

There are many ways to get links to help your blog's SEO. One is to join a group related to your blog's topic, and request link exchanges. Another great way to get links for you blog's SEO is to post comments on other blogs. You can also join forums related to your blog's topic, and post regularly.

Submit your blog to sites such as Blog Catalog, Blog Carnivals, and Entrecard. All of these are great ways to increase your blog's SEO.

Internal links will help increase your blog's SEO as well. Have relevant links to other posts on your blog related to the current post; this adds value to your blog, and shows the search engines that you have easy to find and relevant content for readers.

Using these SEO tactics for your blog will soon have you getting some nice search engine traffic. Let me know how they work for you, or just let me know if you have any questions! ;-)

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