Saturday, June 20, 2009

Blogging for Money

Blogging for money can be a great option for stay at home moms to make money. It's inexpensive, and can be free if you use blogger or other free blog sites.

Many people start blogging thinking that they will make an instant income. It's not that easy; getting your blog set up to actually get good traffic and make good money takes time, and a lot of work. But it is a job that will eventually pay off if you do your homework, and can make you some extra money. How much money depends on your topic, how well your blog is set up, what advertising methods you implement, how much work you put into it, and the type of advertising you use.

Starting to Blog for Money

The first step to making money with a blog is to pick a topic. You want to choose a topic that you are passionate about, so it will be enjoyable to write several entries a week.

There are different theories on how much to write per week; some people will tell you to write several small entries each week (8-10 entries about 400 words each) and some will tell you to write a couple long entries each week (3-4 entries of at least 1000 words each).

I personally believe that at first, when you are first starting your blog, it is important to fill your blog with content quickly. In other words, write a lot in the first month, then you can find a schedule to fit your needs. Just keep in mind that search engines like content that is updated on a regular basis!

Choosing a Blogging Platform

There are many websites that offer free blogs. If you're just starting out and don't want to spend a lot of money, this is your best option. Two really common ones are Wordpress and Blogger. Do a google search for free blogs, and find the best one to work for you!

Advertising Your Blog

To make money, you have to have visitors to your blog; to get visitors to your blog, you have to advertise. So what is the best way to advertise? There are several ways to advertise, some are free, some are not. Google Adwords is one way, commenting on other blogs on the same topic is one way (this will also improve your search rankings by giving you links to your blog), putting your blog entries in blog carnivals, and using social networking sites such as Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, and Nimbio.

So How Do I Get Paid for Blogging?

OK, so you've chosen your topic, selected your blogging platform and written some entries. So how do you make your money?

You use advertising and affiliate programs. Google Adsense and Chitika are just two common sites that offer pay per click advertising revenue. Both offer optimization tips to help make you successful. Amazon is perhaps the most popular site that offers affiliate sales. They offer many modules that allow you to place items related to your topic on your blog, and when people purchase them from a link on your blog, you get paid a percentage.

Blogging for Money is Hard Work!

The biggest thing to remember is that blogging for money is not a get rich quick scheme; you CAN make money, you just have to remember that it does take time and hard work to see results!


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