Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It Works! Home Business Opportunity

How old does this man look? ...Keep reading and I'll let you know...I didn't get it right, and I don't think you will either!

If you're looking for a business opportunity that offers products to help you stay healthy, and look healthier, It Works may be a great choice for you! They offer body slimming products, skin care, supplements, value packages and FIT Works. If you check out the website, you'll find their product listings, as well as some customer testimonials.

The It Works! Business

The It Works! business is network marketing, and commission is paid based on referrals, and product sales you make. You get 15% commission on your first level, and a $100 bonus for distributors you sign up who sell to 2 customers in their first 30 days.

It Works! Start Up Packages

It Works! has several start up packages available for those who want to start their own home business. The best value is $199; the following items are included in this package:

  • 8 Ultimate Applicators;

  • Free E-Office;

  • 1 free month of the website ($10 a month after free month);

  • Free training academy, available 24/7;

  • Padfolio containing business tools such as:
    • DVD loop

    • Applications

    • Flyers

From an It Works Distributor

I spoke to Tara Todd, an It Works! Distributor. She loves what she does! She told me about her favorite product:

"...[It Works!'] signature product is the ultimate body applicator.... it is a natural botanical non woven cloth.. it simply looks like an oversized maxi pad with wings.. simple to use and works awesome!! i have lost 11 inches and 2 pant sizes, reduced my stretch marks and scars on my belly from the product..."

As far as the business side of It Works!, Tara had this to say:

"the company is really awesome.. very intouch.. we have team calls, my team is the top team in the company, i do my own weekly team calls where we give out ideas, tips and just share success stories....
I started march 2nd, i now have 96 people enrolled all online.. very little work... all fun and its truly been my life saver..."

If this sounds like an opportunity you would like to try, click here to visit the It Works! website and read more about their work at home business opportunity.

P.S. The man in the photo at the beginning of this post is almost 53 years old!!! Surprised? So was I!


Tara Todd said...

Thank you Jennifer!! I am so glad I got to share this with you and thanks for your interest!!

Dr.Don is a handsome 52 almost 53... crazy huh!

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