Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Send Out Cards Opportunity

If you're looking for a great and creative business opportunity, then SendOutCards may be a perfect option. I recently spoke to another mom who is a distributor for SendOutCards, and she loves it!

I'm sure you're asking yourself, "what is SendOutCards?". SendOutCards offers a service allowing you to send personal cards to your friends and family, complete with your personalized message. SendOutCards then prints out your personalized card and mails it to the recipient. It's easy, and takes less than 60 seconds! Even better, it costs less than $1!

Below is the interview I had with the entrepreneurial Mom, Erinn Hannon. At then end of the interview, I have included the links for you to get more information on this wonderful business opportunity.

SendOutCards Home Business Opportunity

1.) Is there a start-up cost involved? If so, what is it?

There are varing levels of start up costs.

2.) How much time should be invested by a mom to be successful in this business venture?

This is different for everyone and based on what your efforts and time alotments allow. Individual results will vary.

3.) What type of work is involved (i.e. promotion, selling, etc)?

Our business model is just fantastic. It is very simple and duplicatable. We focus on reaching out to people with a greeting card and introducing them to our system with a Gift Account Walkthrough. This is a 10 minute process where we walk them through sending out a card. I choose to be involved in some Networking groups and online social networking groups as well. This is a "belly to belly" business. I love that it is a fantastic personal service that everyone needs and also an incredible business tool for small to medium sized businesses. My options are limitless in promoting and talking about my business with people.

4.) As a Mom, what appeals to you the most about this business?

I do not have to do home parties. I like home parties, don't get me wrong. They are fun! But SOC is something that I can literally do from my phone and computer. I did a gift account walkthrough and signed up a new customer the other day while I was waiting for my daughter to get out of swim practice! My business is portable. As long as I have my laptop and/or cell phone....I can do my business anywhere anytime! The other thing that spoke to me was the fact that I did not have to RELY on my warm market (family and friends) to START this business. Who do your reach out to first when starting a traditional Avon, Arbonne, Pampered Chef business....your friends and family. You need that exposure to build on to have more parties. Of course my friends and family know what I am doing, and some of them are my customers, but I have the freedom to branch away from them from the start.

5.) What is a realistic view of income a mom can expect? (I don't need your specifics, just a basic overview...can you replace a full time job? A part time job? etc)

If a mom wants to make a few extra hundred bucks a month or build a business that creates unlimited residual income that helps them achieve financial freedom, the choice and opportunity is there for everyone. So to answer your question: Can you replace a part time or full time job.....YES! Does that take work and time, YES. The Direct Sales industry is a BRILLIANT way to work and build a business, but it is NOT a get rich quick scheme....just as with any legitimate business, it takes time and effort. But you have the power of time leveraging and duplication!

6.) What would you most want another mom to know about this business?

It feels amazing that SOC is based around such a feel good concept! That is what drew me to it. There is NO other company out there that is offering the service that SendOutCards is. There is no real competition. I LOVE that I can do this at home and everytime I send a heartfelt card to someone, it brightens their day. It is all about "Givers Gain" and celebrating the person receiving the card and not promoting the person sending it. Again, personal use or business use...it is priceless. Especially in today's economy, businesses need to embrace relationship marketing even more to hang onto the clients they have by showing their appreciation and personalizing their service so they stand out.

For more information, please contact Erinn Hannon at erinn.hannon@yahoo.com.


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