Friday, June 26, 2009

Make Money Blogging with Advertising

In another post, I discussed how you can make money blogging. I explained how you could use advertising to earn money through your blog. In this article, I will discuss some popular advertising media for blogs.

Types of Advertising

There are three main categories of advertising that you can use to make money on your blog: Pay Per Click campaigns, affiliate programs, and direct ad placement.

  • Pay Per Click Campaigns

    • Make money on your blog by adding ads provided by a third party. When visitors click on the ads on your blog, you get paid; it's that easy!

  • Affiliate Programs

    • Affiliate programs allow you to place someone else's products on your blog. When your blog visitors purchase something through your link, you get a percentage of the sale.

  • Direct Ad Sales

    • If you have room on your site for banners or buttons, you can offer advertising to your blog visitors, and charge them either by impressions (the number of times their banner or button is shown on your blog) or by a set length of time.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Google Adsense

The most popular pay per click advertising is Google Adsense. It's simple and free to sign up for Google Adsense; simply go to Google and create a free account. Be sure to read their terms and conditions before signing up.


Get Chitika | Premium

Chitika ads only appear on your blog to your search traffic. This means that if you have a blog on gardening, and I do a search for "caring for roses", when I show up on your gardening blog I will see ads related to the care of roses. Chitika is very effective, and boasts a high click thru rate.


Another great source of income for your blog is Bidvertiser. Just like Google Adsense, ads are placed on your site, and you get paid for valid clicks on those ads.

Affiliate Programs

Amazon offers a large variety of items for sale. You make money by signing up for an associate account and providing links to merchandise from your website or blog. It's that easy! When your visitors click on the links and purchase that item, you get paid a percentage of the sale.

For a great list of affiliate programs, visit Affiliate Scout. They have many different affiliate programs, split up into categories so you can find something perfect for your blog or website.

Direct Sales Advertising

Last, but not least, you can sell ad space on your blog or website to others. If you have room at the top of your page for a banner, consider selling the space for a set fee per month, or per year.

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