Thursday, September 10, 2009

Google Blogger Templates

If you have a blog on blogger, you may have noticed that the templates are somewhat plain. If you would like to get something a little more classy, or personal, you will need a new Blogger template. Where can you find Blogger templates? Well, there are websites providing free blogger templates that give your blog a beautiful appearance. You can also learn how to create your own Blogger templates.

Create Your Own Blogger Template

If you have some CSS or HTML knowledge, it will be quite simple for you to create your own Blogger template. Google actually offers a Blogger template walkthrough to help you learn how to create your own Blogger template. If you don't understand everything in that Blogger template walkthrough, you can either purchase a book (the ones listed above are great) that explains CSS and HTML, or just stick to the pre-made Blogger templates that are available.

Creating your own Blogger template is simple once you know how. It's basically CSS code, and what are known as "tags" specific to Google Blogger content. If you're familiar with CSS and HTML, you shouldn't have a problem creating your new Blogger template.

Free Blogger Templates

My favorite place for free Blogger templates is B Templates. They offer a huge collection of free Blogger templates. Their selection is eclectic and beautiful. The free Blogger templates they offer are put in many different categories, from colors, to style, to layout. I strongly suggest that if you are looking for a free Blogger template to jazz up your blog, you check out B Templates.

The Free Templates Blog offers a nice selection of free Blogger templates as well. If you can't find what you're looking for, I suggest subscribing to the RSS feed on the free template blog.

Changing Your Blogger Template

Once you have found your new Blogger template, downloaded it to your computer and unzipped the files, you are ready to upload it to Blogger! Please note that when uploading a new XML Blogger template, you will lose any gadgets and widgets you have on your blog. When I changed my Blogger template, I first copied all the code from each widget so I could replace it after the change.

Go to your Blogger account, click the "Layout" tab and click on "Edit HTML". There is a place there for you to upload a new template to your blog. Click the "Browse" button, find the file on your hard drive, and click upload. See how easy it is to upload a new Blogger template?

Do you have a favorite website that you get free Blogger templates? Or perhaps some tips on creating your own Blogger template? Please share! I love comments!


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