Friday, September 18, 2009

Freelance with ODesk!

freelance with ODesk

If you're looking to do freelance work, check out The On Demand Global Workforce - oDesk. There are many freelance job listing sites out there, but all of the ones I've found charge you money to bid on freelance jobs. ODesk doesn't.

How Freelancing with ODesk Works

When you sign up for a free freelancing account with ODesk, you fill out a profile which includes your resume, skills, and portfolio (if you have one). Odesk offers freelance workers the chance to take assessment tests to add to your profile. The other freelance websites I've been to do not offer this to their freelance members. I'll tell you more about ODesk's freelancer assessment tests in a minute.

Once you have completed your freelancer profile on ODesk, it's time to start searching for freelance work! ODesk has freelance jobs in the following categories:

  • Web Development

  • Writing & Translation

  • Customer Service

  • Software Development

  • Administrative Support

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Networking & Information Systems

  • Design & Multimedia

  • Business Services

Applying to Freelance Jobs at ODesk

Each freelance job posting on ODesk will have a Qualifications list. If you meet all the qualifications, you can apply for the freelance job by clicking "Apply". All freelance jobs you apply for on ODesk must have a cover letter attached; describe your freelance qualifications as they apply to the freelance job description. Odesk includes good and bad examples of a cover letter right under the application, so it's easy to apply to a freelance position on ODesk!

The second ODesk application screen is where you will enter your bid for the freelance job. Make sure you look at the budget, and average bid for the freelance position, and bid accordingly.

Working on ODesk

ODesk offers a payment guarantee for hourly freelance positions. How can ODesk guarantee payment? When you receive a freelance position on ODesk, you download an application that tracks your online work hours. The program takes 6 screenshots an hour of your screen, so the freelance buyer can see that you are really working. When you login to the ODesk program, your time is logged; in essence, the program is your time clock.

ODesk Assessment Tests for Freelancers

Sometimes it can be hard to get started freelancing because you have no portfolio or references to show. It's the same on ODesk. Once you have completed a few freelance jobs on ODesk, you have some feedback from the buyers; but how do you get started on ODesk? You need to prove your skills, and establish your expertise to get freelance positions.

This is where the freelancer assessment tests come in. Can you see why the assessment tests offered to freelancers by ODesk are such a great idea? Having high test scores will show potential clients that you know what you're talking about! ODesk offers tests in the following categories:

  • .Net Technology

  • Computer Hardware

  • Computer Skills

  • Databases

  • Electronics

  • English Language Skills

  • Finance & Accounting

  • General Management

  • General Programming

  • Graphics Design

  • International Languages

  • Internet Concepts

  • Internet Programming

  • Java Technologies

  • Microsoft Technologies

  • Miscellaneous Certifications

  • Networking

  • Office Skills

  • Open Source Tools & Technologies

  • Operating Systems

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Software Testing

  • Translation Skills

  • Web Designing

  • ODesk

The very first assessment test you should take on ODesk is the "ODesk Readiness Test". Until you complete this test, the number of jobs you can apply to is limited.

Now I am new to ODesk, I only signed up 2 days ago. But I am already working my first freelance job on ODesk, and have applied for several others. If you want to freelance, I really urge you to check out freelancing with ODesk!

Do any of you already work for ODesk? What are your experiences?


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