Sunday, August 30, 2009

Start A Typing Business From Home

typing job at home

Can you type? If you have great typing skills, and want to work at home typing, then this entry is for you!

Choosing What Home Typing Jobs to Offer

First, you may want to choose what you want to type. Typing at home offers you great flexibility, but you will need to narrow down what you want to type. The software programs you have available may have a bearing on what you offer in your typing at home services. For example, if you have Microsoft Office, you can type letters, term papers, spreadsheets, or even create presentations.

When choosing what services to offer in your typing at home business, ask yourself what you WANT to type. Remember that typing at home is not only supposed to be making you money, but you should also enjoy what you are doing. If you absolutely HATE to type, or can't type faster than 30 WPM, then a home typist job probably isn't for you.

Advertising Your Home Typing Business

Now that you have decided what to offer in your home typing work, how do you get your business? It's not as difficult as it may sound, but don't expect an outpouring of typing jobs in your first day! Put an ad in your local paper for typing at home services. Put advertisements on bulletin boards in grocery stores, laundry mats (a lot of college kids go to the laundry mats, and they need a lot of typing!) or anywhere else there are bulletin boards. Make business cards, and pass them out to anyone you meet when you're out and about. Tell all of your family and friends about your new home typing business, and let them know you are available for home typing jobs.

What Do I Charge For Home Typing Jobs?

This can be a difficult decision...knowing how much is too much for typing at home. Obviously, if your home typing jobs are priced too high, then potential clients will look elsewhere, and if your home typing jobs are priced too low, you will be cheating yourself. If your home typing rates are too low, potential customers can also worry about the quality of work you will be providing.

So how can you choose good rates for your home typing business? First, do a Google search for typing rates. Check out what other companies are charging for typing work. Then, do a local search to find out what typists rates are in your area. Some home typists charge by the hour, some by the page, and I've seen a few home typists that charge by the word.

Your First Home Typing Job

When you get your first home typing job, there are a few things you need to remember. First, make it clear at the beginning how much it will cost, and exactly what is covered in the price. This will help you avoid clients that want to constantly add more content and expect the same price!

Get clear expectations on when this home typing job should be completed. If your client requires the work to be done in 2 hours, and you know it will take 4, let them know that! Don't guarantee a deadline on typing work that you know will be impossible to meet. Remember that if a client is unhappy with your typing services, that client will tell EVERYONE they know, which can cut down on your future home typing jobs!

Other Home Typing Job Options

If you want to branch your home typing business out, consider starting a web site; this will allow you to get typing jobs from a broader area and greatly increases your client base.

You can also offer other services in addition to your typing work. Consider doing greeting cards, photo touch-ups, fax services...there's an array of items you can add. Just remember that you need to stick with what you are familiar with, and comfortable with.

If you run your own home typing business, I would love to hear about it! Leave me a comment and let me know any other tips you would like to offer.


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