Monday, October 19, 2009

How to Get Quality Backlinks Part 2

Looking for How to Get Quality Backlinks Part 1?

Now you know how to find sites to put your backlinks on. Find sites within your niche with a high page rank. Now we'll discuss exactly how you go about getting your quality backlinks.

First, set up a spreadsheet to keep track of where you put your backlinks. You can set it up like this:

NumberDateWebsite NameWebsite URLGoogle PageRank

Now you're ready to go!

Checking Google PageRank

First you must know how to check a page's pagerank. If you've found a blog or website that you want to put your backlink on, check their pagerank. This PageRank Checker is a priceless tool. All you do is type in a web address, type in the captcha code, and hit enter.

How to Create Your Backlinks

Now you want to find dofollow sites to post your backlink. One way to do this is by commenting on blogs, another is to join forums, and yet another way to get quality backlinks is to join community sites.

Remember from How to Get Quality Backlinks Part 1 that you have to find sites within your niche to get high quality backlinks. These sites have to be "dofollow" how do you find sites within your niche without "nofollow" tags?

Finding DoFollow Blogs in Your Niche

There are a few free tools you can use. First, find dofollow blogs. All you have to do is type in your niche keyword. For example, if your blog is on crocheting blankets, type in "crochet blankets". The results will be dofollow blogs in your niche.

I'm currently testing out a few other tools for finding dofollow blogs, and I will be creating another post about the good ones I find. :-)

Get Backlinks by Blog Commenting

So, now you have your list of blogs within your niche that are dofollow blogs. Now, you read some entries that interest you and post a comment on them. IMPORTANT!!! DO NOT leave spam comments merely to get your link out there. All of us want some meaningful comments that give feedback or conversation about what the post is about.

So what, exactly, constitutes a spammy comment? Simple...basically just remember that you shouldn't put simple posts like "Thanks" or "Great post"...these comments are not helpful, do not contribute to the overall value of the post, and therefore should be avoided.

The type of post you want to leave is simple. Basically, if there's something in the post you have experienced, share it. If you disagree with something in the post, say why and give supporting facts that support your opinion. Only post if you have something constructive to say!

Get Quality Backlinks by Joining Forums

You can get quality backlinks by joining forums as well. Like the blogs, you will want to remember to find forums in your niche and do not spam. Most forum owners will delete inactive or spammy accounts. This is why Angela & Paul's Backlinks isn't a good idea.

If you find a forum that is interesting, and that you will be active on, go ahead and put your link on it. This is a great way to get a quality backlink to your blog or website.

But joining forums also has other benefits that you may not can discover new things about your niche, which will give you more topics to write about, and let you learn new things. You can also meet new people that share the same interests.

Bottom line, don't join a forum merely to post a link. If you join and post your backlink, make sure you are somewhat active so that you can glean the other benefits from joining!

Get Quality Backlinks By Joining Community Sites

The final way to get quality backlinks to your site is by joining a community site. Again, make sure you aren't spamming the site. If you join a community, be part of the community. Take the time to create a profile, create your backlinks, and be an active member of the community.

I am working on getting lists of dofollow blogs for you. Here is my list of dofollow blogs for making money online. This list will continue to grow as I find more dofollow blogs, and I will be posting other categories of dofollow blogs in the very near future.


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