Friday, October 30, 2009

8 Resources for Starting an Online Store

Do you want to start an online store, but don't know where to start? Here I will list several resources to help you start an online store.

Books About Starting an Online Store

There are many, many books available to help you start an online business. Here I list a few of my favorite books on how to start an online store.

This book tells you step-by-step how to start an online store. The author, Jeremy Shepherd, provides real life examples, making his lessons on how to start an online store easy to follow and understand. Shepherd starts at the beginning (choosing what to sell in your online store), through advertising and making sure your online store stays in the green.
This is one of the popular "For Dummies" far, every "For Dummies" book I have read to date has been awesome, and Web Stores Do It Yourself For Dummies is no exception. I recommend this book if you want to learn how to start an online store.

Last but not least, I recommend Starting A Yahoo! Business For Dummies. I told you I like these "For Dummies" books! Anyway, this book will teach you how to start, manage, advertise and market your Yahoo! online store. This book tells you step by step how to create a Yahoo online store, then includes how to advertise and how to use the best images to sell more products in your online store.

Online Resources on How To Start An Online Store

I have compiled a list of websites that have valuable information on starting an online store. Here's some great websites to help you on your journey of opening your own online store:

Here is a video from E-how on how to create an online store:

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