Friday, April 24, 2009

Inbox Dollars Review, Continued

Well, it has been 7 days since I started my account at Inbox Dollars; have I made any money? Well, I'm not sure yet...;0) the minimum payment is $30, and I'm not there yet! In this Inbox Dollars review, I will tell you my experience so far.

Inbox Dollars Experience

Inbox Dollars allows you to earn money through surveys; I completed a couple surveys just for Inbox Dollars (profile surveys) and have been attempting to complete some of the daily surveys. Inbox Dollars states that they offer new surveys on a daily basis. However, so far, every time I attempt a survey, I'm told I'm "ineligible". This may or may not be a bad thing; perhaps I'm truly not qualified for every survey I attempt; but after answering 5-7 pages of questions, it seems that I already did the survey, just not getting paid for it. But, I'll update you on this one.

Getting Paid to read Emails

Inbox Dollars sends out emails that they pay $0.02 when you read them. In the past 7 days, Inbox Dollars has only sent out 22 emails, which is only $0.44. So, you're not going to get rich with Inbox Dollars, but it could be an option to bring in a little extra.

Inbox Dollars Cash Offers

The other offers pay more, but require you to sign up for things that, honestly, I'm not really interested in signing up for. For example, I've seen credit card offers that if you apply (AND get approved) Inbox Dollars pays you $15. I don't like to do these offers, simply because you usually get a lot of suggestion is to get a separate email address for signing up for these offers, so you don't get 1000's of spam every day!

I haven't been paid, as they do have a minimum payout requirement of $30 and I only have $6.44, so I can't tell you yet if Inbox Dollars is legit or not. I will continue to keep you updated on the status of my account with Inbox Dollars.


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