Sunday, December 19, 2010

Work at Home as a Game Tester

A popular new work at home job is game testing. A game tester gets copies of new and upcoming games, plays them, and lets the developers know of any problems or quirks within the game. Sound like fun? Here are some ideas for finding game testing opportunities.

Go to a job conference. Game developers have job conferences throughout the United States that will offer a variety of available positions, including game testing opportunities. By attending these conferences, you can make valuable contacts that will give you an “in” to the game testing arena. These contacts can let you know of new testing opportunities as well as offer advice on resume structuring.

Search the Internet. Keep in mind that there are a lot of scams out there (as with anything else). Check out the big name game developers; by going directly to the developer, you can rest assured that any game tester opportunities are legitimate.

Subscribe to a variety of gaming magazines. You’ll usually find a lot of listings for game testers. It will also help keep you up to date on new gaming developments and news, increasing your knowledge of the gaming field while allowing you to talk to the developers intelligently. This is a great way to find game testing work.

According to the International Game Developers lists, the average salary for a game tester is $37,210 a year! Not bad for playing video games, huh? This salary is the average for inexperienced game testers; the more experience you have, the more you make! A common starting rate for game testers is $15 an hour.

What’s even better is that the company provides everything you need; there isn’t any need to go spend tons of money on equipment or supplies to be a game tester. The reason they provide everything is to provide a consistency to the results. They want everyone who’s testing the games to have the same conditions, so the platforms and equipment used aren’t factors to any issues that may exist within the game.

Do you think a position as a game tester may be for you? Check it out, and see what work at home positions you can find!


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